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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ultimate Cheesesteaks and Mac and Cheese Pizza Revisited

My brother is getting married in a week! To celebrate him I'm throwing a bachelor barbecue on this beautiful day. That means a lot of food. I'll be posting images of the food and snippets of text right here all day! Keep checking in for updates.

9:00AM - 

Started the big pizza dough recipe to bring back the mac and cheese hot dog stuffed crust pizza. Used this as my base recipe http://allrecipes.com/recipe/new-york-italian-pizza-dough/ and varied a bit from there. Added a little more flour and a touch more salt (I used Kosher instead of iodized, I find it tastes better with bread). 

1:33PM -

Pizza dough exploding, baguette dough ready for first rise. And about half of the rest of the raw ingredients...

2:57PM -
Prepping the Cheese Sauce and Bacon

Chipotle Mornaise Sauce with Smoke Cured Pork
(hah! aka bacon chipotle cheese sauce)

Bacon Mac n Cheese for the Pizza

Baguette Dough Finished with Second Rise

Not yet pictured: Baked Potato Dip (aka Crack Dip...)

3:37PM -
This is how to make baguettes JC style (Julia Child)

 Separate a piece of the dough

 Pound to a semi-rectangular shape

 Fold the bottom third up and flatten vigorously
with heels of hands.

 Fold top third down, then flatten.

 Make a valley with the heel of your hand

 Fold top half down over bottom. 
Do not flatten this time

 Roll it out, using a sharp knife score  the tops

Let 'em rise

4:16PM - 
 Sauce for the pizzas

5:00PM - 
 Baguettes after baking

One of two Bacon Mac and Cheese Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizzas 

6:00PM -
 BMurr the bringin' the heat

9 Delmonicos... Time to feed.

This is where the photos stopped. It got pretty wild though. We stacked the baguettes with the Chipotle Mornaise piled high with shaved Delmonico steak. Topped with sauteed onions and peppers, American cheese, BBQ and Ketchup. We wrapped them up in foil and tossed them back on the grill to melt the cheese and warm up the Mornaise... so worth the all day cookfest. But let's be real, you all know I enjoyed the cooking as much as the eating. Congrats to my brother LJ!