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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pulled Pork and Spinach Eggs Benedict

This morning, Katie invited Rob, Laura, and Hayley (6 months old) over for brunch. We had some leftovers from the ribs earlier in the week so we decided to make pulled pork Eggs Benedict. I'll keep this short because Katie is in the middle of cooking dinner (it's this weeks Chopped@Home so stay tuned) and I'm getting hungry. Toasted English muffins on the bottom, then the pulled ribs with the peanut barbecue sauce, spinach sauteed with garlic, a poached egg, and hollandaise to top it off. The hollandaise is an emulsion of egg yolks and butter with a bit of lemon juice, cayenne, salt and pepper. I explain emulsions a few posts back (filet mignon post I think). We had Katie's hash browns to go with this and some bacon that didn't quite make it to the photo. Katie explains the hash browns back in the corned beef hash recipe, this is very similar but without the corned beef.

Check back soon to see what Katie created with four secret ingredients I found in our kitchen (teaser: one ingredient is Vanilla Chobani! hah). 

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