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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Grill-out Night... In March

It was 74 degrees today... in March... in Medford. Grilling outside with a few beers just sounded perfect. We had a rack of ribs from McKinnon's in the freezer so we thawed them out and made a rub to work into them. The rub was salt, pepper, cayenne, chili powder, cumin, onion powder, ginger, garlic powder, paprika, and an herb mix we had in the pantry. We rubbed that in and poured Guinness over it to cover the rack. Oven @ 250 for 3 hours.

Then they looked like this.

Next, I made some BBQ sauce because we didn't have any Sweet Baby Ray's on hand (my personal fav). I started making the sauce with some of the leftover hot sauce from Chopped@Home on Friday. I started adding some spices and decided I wanted to add some ground cloves, but I added way too much accidentally. Now I had something way too spicy that tasted a bit too much like an apple pie. I had to get creative...

I needed something to cut the spices so I added some of the Guinness that it cooked in, a ton of ketchup, peanut butter and a splash of half and half. Thai barbecue sauce - not traditional, but not bad. We slathered the ribs in the sauce and charred them a bit on a hot grill to finish them off.

Katie made some brussels and a baked potato. The brussels were oiled and grilled with some garlic and salt and pepper. I was craving boxed mac and cheese but wanted real pasta so I made mac and cheese with some penne rigate and boxed mac and cheese mix.

Delicious meal, beautiful day.


  1. your ribs sound convoluted and horrible!

    1. It's even harder not to feed the trolls on a food blog, but I'll restrain myself