When you mix an athlete, a nerd, beer, and good ingredients this is what you get.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Wrap up of last night's dinner

That's just me tossing some (semi-invisible) pizza dough.

It got a little crazy as the meal started getting close so I didn't get to take any more pictures. Got some help last minute which was clutch, thanks babe!

The final menu was as follows:

Buffalo chicken pizzas on homemade dough with bacon, onion, cheddar, mozz, bleu cheese
Prosciutto and gruyere pizza over a homemade fig spread with caramelized onions

Corn Chowder with bacon, potatoes, cheddar, cherry peppers, and onion
(I don't even like soup and I enjoyed this one, will definitely make again)

Cobb Salad with egg, bacon, tomatoes, grilled chicken, ranch dressing and I'm probably forgetting something

Bourbon marinated steak tips
Tomato/basil/parm risotto

Cheese/Blackberry/Strawberry Danish
(quote from last night "Rotio, what's in this? Wait, is this crack? It's gotta be crack, I just want more." - Oh the things that good food and lots of beer will make you say hah)

If you want recipes for anything shoot me a message or leave a comment. It was a pretty epic day, over 50lbs of meat were in this meal and I had a pitcher by my side all day while I was cooking. My kind of party