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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dining Hall Lunch

Our Dining hall is great. I usually can't complain but everyone has that day where they walk in and go straight for the grill, the pb&j, or the cereal. Today was that day for me: Veggie Quesadillas and Chicken Tikka Masala just don't do it for me. I decided to make something and blog about it, maybe inspire some other dining hall chefs. I grabbed a burger with no bun from the grill along with a fried egg. I buttered the outside of two pieces of white bread, then flipped them and spread one with Russian and one with ranch. I put down some banana peppers on one half along with a slice of Provolone and put a slice of American on the other half. I added the burger, egg, and some greens and put it together like a grilled cheese. After a few minutes on the panini press, it looked like this and tasted a hell of a lot better than what was on the line.

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  1. you should throw your banana peanut butter pudding idea up here that's the shit