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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dining Hall Lunch Inspired by Nolan

Our dining hall recently introduced "Multi-grain deli slims" to the bread area (though they've been labeled every thing from "white slims" to "wheat thins" - when people first started talking about them I didn't know whether I was going to get a slice of bread, Eminem, or a cracker). They are basically English muffins without all the nooks and crannies, just completely flat. Nolan's been using them to make pizzas so he inspired me to do the same.

I toasted the multi-grain thins/slim shadys/crackers and added some onion & sausage sauce that was on the line today. I got lucky and found a huge chunk of sausage so I cut that up for a topping. We had shredded mozz on the salad bar so I topped the mini-pizzas with that then followed up with the sausage, bell peppers, oregano, basil, and parm. A quick hit in the microwave melted the cheese though softened my crispy crust. Next time I'll be patient and throw them in the panini press with the lid slightly ajar to melt the cheese while keeping the crust the way it should be.

Making dinner tonight, excited but have no direction, my brain is going in a thousand different directions. I want to do something difficult. I think I'm just itching for some epic 4 hour deal like the Pesto Carbosagna, it won't be tonight but soon I'll get into something crazy.

Also, finally got a new phone: Droid 3. Not only does it work, unlike my old phone, but it also has a dual core 1ghz processor, 512mb ram, and an 8mp camera capable of shooting 1080p video! The picture above was taken with my phone!

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  1. I too had trouble with the crusts being a bit soggy, but they were still good. Now my only worry is that this post will create a run on wheat slims in the d-hall.