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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pesto Carbosagna

Leads to this:
If I told you that the lasagna I'm holding in that picture weighed 13 lbs it might be awesome enough. But if I told you it was eight layers of four of our favorite homemade sauces, that might just bump it up to epic status. We had a third good Italian in the kitchen tonight: Gabby stopped by to help... and got her car towed :( she just got back so it's all sorted out. Four sauces: Alfredo and Ricotta, Tomato Meat Sauce, Pesto, and Carbonara. There were two layers of each.

Somehow the wide variety of flavors made sense between the 4 lbs of pasta. The cross section does it justice. Leave a comment if you want the recipe for any or all of the sauces. Ok, back to my power hour. I have no way of describing the couple hours it took to put this together but I hope this does it justice.

Got one eye closed to see the screen. Happy 21st to hannah and happy i'm falling for you katherine. recipes. apparently y'all want recipes so here they come:

alfredo is easy as hell. start with a roux, milk and light cream, fresh parm and pecorino romano, third clove garlc, very little. that's one layer done. if you're throwing it in something like this you want it thick like glue so you put half a pound of cream cheese in to help it stick, if you're just putting it over pasta keep it a little thin..

Pesto: Four 4 ounce packages of fresh basil (God bless you if you still have a fresh basil plant in the summer, ours passed on a bit ago) look out for the wilts, you don't want that garbage. One clove of garlic, a few handfulls of parm and pecorino romano, some pignoli nuts, and enough olive oil to make the emulsion get to the right consistency. Really, play with it once or twice, you'll know. Blend that all together with a stick blender and make it smooth.

Two layers left..
Tomato is easy. Render some beef down. Meanwhile, boil some plum tomatoes for about ten minutes. Flash cool them with ice water. Whole point is to get the skin off easily. Quarter them and throw them in some olive oil with a clove of garlic. If you have a stick blender hit em with that (sorry should I be fancy and call it an immersion blender?). If not they'll render down on their own. Pat of butter helps too, if this lasagna wasn't fatty enough for ya. If you have some time, do this first and let them all marinate with the oil and garlic. Like with any tomato sauce I've ever encountered, the longer it sits in the fridge, the better.

Last layer: Carbonara

So this one we kind of invented. Carbonara is amazing. Done correctly, it's delicious. We hammered on it a bit and decided to brush the carbonara layer with egg yolks, cover it in parm and overcooked bacon. Sauteed onions topped off that layer. We did each twice. Ended up pretty good :) you know me. if i put a smiley i am either obsessed with the food, obsessed with my beer, or obsessed with my girl. ya'll can figure it out this time on your own


  1. I want recipes for ALL the sauces please - Anna

  2. Just showed my mom the pictures and shes very impressed and wants to make one!