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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bread Bowls

Yesterday just felt like a cooking day. I wanted a long recipe that would give me consistent breaks from work so I decided to take two things I've made before and combine them to make something I've never made before: Bread Bowls with Pasta.

2 packets active dry yeast with about a cup of tepid water.

While the yeast is activating take three tablespoons of olive oil, add four halved cloves of garlic, fresh basil and three or four sundried tomatoes in a small oven safe pan. Throw this under the broiler until the garlic is tender, stirring occasionally. When you get to this point, you mince the garlic and slice the sundried tomatoes. Once the oil has cooled to room temperature, mix it with the yeast/water combo. Add a splash of milk, a tablespoon of salt and a pinch of sugar. Add a heavy pinch of parm. Add flour while mixing until you get to the point where it's just not sticky any more. Knead for 10 minutes while adding flour to keep the dough smooth while you knead. Let it rise until doubled in size. (About an hour and a half depending on heat/humidity) Punch it down. Split into two. Form two balls. Let rise until desired bowl size is reached. Bake at 400 until tapping the bread makes a hollow sound.

Cut some chicken breasts into inch and a half chunks. Mix flour, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and black pepper. Toss the chicken in this mixture and pan fry until cooked through. The sauce is a tomato cream sauce similar to the ones I've made before on here. Cook up some rigatoni. In a large bowl mix the pasta, sauce, some ricotta, the chicken, some more of the sundried tomatoes and roasted garlic and some parm.

Cut a "lid" out of the bread and scoop out the interior excess bread. Fill bowls with the pasta filling, top with parm, mozz, romano, or any other seemingly appropriate cheeses you have around. With the lid off the bowls, finish them under the broiler until the cheese is bubbly.

Let cool for a few minutes and enjoy.

[We used the leftover bread for toast in the morning, it was great and would probably make a good sandwich bread. I will probably use this one again]

Ok that was a nice break. Now back to programming...

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