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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My little brother took the bus over from Cleveland Circle yesterday for his "interview" at the gym which consisted of broing out with my boss for thirty minutes while I lifted. Then my roommate texted me telling me that Man U was working out in our weightroom so we took a walk across the river and finished our lift down there. Rooney gave me the alpha male eyes after turning down a 5 year old wearing a Rooney jersey who asked him for a signature. Wow. Sweet, bro. The coach, Ferguson, was a nice guy, though. He ran into my brother and me eating a cheesesteak in the square a little later and told us we'd have to work out again after eating that.

We came back up to my house and, since we are both missing home, decided to make one of mom's recipes - her take on Pizzagaina (pronounced pizza gain). It's an Italian Easter pie made with elbow macaroni, ricotta, eggs, ham, sausage, and whatever white cheeses you have laying around. After an hour in the oven the top forms a nice crisp layer while the inside remains smooth and creamy. Tastes like Easter, tastes like family, tastes like home.

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