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Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to feed a 300lb lineman

My roommate is anxiously awaiting the end of the NFL lockout so he can get signed and start getting paid. Until then, he's been keeping my couch warm and adding some much needed testosterone to our house, which I've nicknamed Est Fest (I live with six girls). He makes massive breakfasts after he gets back from the gym in the morning and I thought I'd share what he sees before he digs in every morning. That's right, every morning, this wasn't a special occasion, just another morning in the life of an aspiring NFL lineman.

6 egg omelette with bacon, bell peppers, cheese
6 slices of bacon on the side
2 pieces of fried ham
3 monster buttermilk pancakes

and, of course, some Settlers of Catan in the background

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